• Teen Depression

    Teen Depression

    Facts, signs and help for teens

  • Treatable Depression

    Depression is Treatable

    Treatments, coping skills, therapies, and more

  • Erika Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse Curriculum

    Programs for middle and high school students

  • Teen Bullying

    Depression Awareness Campaign for Teens

    Raising awareness in schools.

  • Stop Bullying

    Parents Handbook

    How to get help for your child or teen.

  • Obstacles

    Help Someone With Depression

    What to do and what to say

  • Teen Bullying

    Teen Depression Toolbox

    Learn, cope, treat, help

  • Stop Bullying

    NIMH Depression Basics

    Frequently asked questions and expert answers.

  • Obstacles

    Quick Find Clearinghouse –
    Youth Depression

    Documents, resources and tools.

  • Obstacles

    Parent Conversation Guide

    Teen Mental Health